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our founder roger wethington

Once a racquetball court, our facility now pulses with a different kind of energy. The visionary Roger Wethington, captured in the image on the left, conceived and oversaw the creation of the track that now ignites your passion. His dream? Crafting a track with the perfect grip, catering to drivers of all levels.

In 2001, we flung our doors open to the world. What emerged is a remarkable indoor bi-level track, spanning 900 feet, designed to push your limits. Our sleek original design sets us apart and will endure through time. Since day one, we've welcomed enthusiasts from every corner of the globe. Our venue levels the field, a tribute to Roger's love for thrills. 


"Welcome to the racing capital of the world." 


"This place was amazing. The staff was incredibly friendly, professional, and accommodating. The track was a great mix of thrills and challenges. The facility was well maintained, and safety was priority."

-Paul Hubner

"Super fun for all our family members from 6-43 yrs old."

-Will Phillips


-Aboudy Al-Jundub

"Took the boys here for 'Fellas Day Out' and the employees were so kind, compassionate and understanding when it came my child who has autism. Naturally, I am always concerned about his ability to do things the other boys do and this was one of those times but the staff here HEARD my concerns and was able to put my mind at ease and accommodate us with a slower go-cart! As always, my child surprises me and did an amazing job!"

-Jeri Thompson

"Had an absolute blast. Wish there was something like this up by me in Green Bay. A good way to get the competitiveness out of a group of friends. Was also cool seeing my brother and I put up some of the fastest track times for the day as well."


"Great track and equipment. Staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely will be going back to lay down some lap times."

-Michael Palmer

"It's been about 6 years since I've been there, and everything was as good now as it always has been."

-Paul Wing

"My new addiction!"

-Brant Evans

"Fast Carts, affordable races and a great staff will ensure that you have a great time here."

-Elijah Shelton

"Fastimes Indoor Karting was an awesome experience. My first time go karting. Definitely want to do it again. The brief training was good but only getting behind the wheel and hitting the gas pedal will give you the exhilarating feel and experience. We did this as a group of us on our company outing. We all had a blast with good laughs. The facility is good and challenging. Highly recommend going out with some friends for the experience."

-Damon Hewlin

"When the baseball season is over, our sales crew loves to unwind at Fastimes."

-Indianapolis Indians

"We've had team building events for years and there's no better team building or pizza than they have at Fastimes."

-Marathon Oil

"This place is a ton of fun, and the people that are work there are helpful and really cool. Be prepared for a pretty long wait if you are coming during the weekend. We have come to race several times and there has never NOT been a long wait. But they do have food and drinks and tables to lounge at (both indoor & outdoor) and snack on while you wait."

-Nicole Sauceda

"What a great experience leading up to  the Brickyard race. Our fans had a great event."


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