Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to race?

For non-members, the cost is $22 for an 8 minute race around our course. There also will be a one-time $2 charge for a head sock to wear under our helmets and you can keep the sock for your next trip. Helmet and race suit is provided for you.

What do I need to bring to race?

You need to bring a picture ID and wear close toe shoes. If you are under 18 years old, you need to have a parent present.

How do I find out when you have open racing times?

We book a lot of Private Parties, so to be sure we have Open Karting, give us a call at 317-566-0066 before you come up.

Do you take reservations for open racing?

No, it is first come, first serve to race at our track.

Are there any size or weight restrictions?

Yes, adult racers need to be under 300 pounds to be comfortable in our karts. The height requirement for our juniors is 53 inches tall.

How fast will the karts go and how long is the track?

The karts will go up to 40 MPH and the track is a bi-level 900 foot racing course.

How many do I need to reserve your place?

We can set up private events starting with 8 people and we encourage you to call our sales staff for details and options.

How do I find out about your racing deals and specials?

Look around (hint: try the Zoobook). We occasionally offer coupons on our PROMOTIONS page, but a Fastimes membership is the best value.

Can I wear my own helmet?

Yes, as long it has a face shield and protection for your eyes.

What is a good time for a new person and what is the track record?

If you are new to our track, you might post a 26 second lap your first time. The track record with these Sodi karts is 22.465 posted in 2007.